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Google AdWords Vs Google AdSense – Do You Know the Difference?

Google AdWords can very easily be mixed up with Google AdSense and if you are not an internet marketer, they can be very difficult to tell apart. In fact, on my first attempt at online marketing, I just thought they were two Google products that were ridiculously similar! However, there was one thing that I kept hearing people say and that was that they were both useful in making easy money!So, I hear you ask – What is the difference between Google AdWords and AdSense?I will make it as simple as I have come to understand it. Google AdWords are advertisements in the Google search engine that are listed under ‘Sponsored Links’. You will find this at the top right of your Google page or above the free, organic search results. So, if you’ve ever looked at the sponsored list headings and thought – “How do those people get their product/site up there?” The answer is they have an account with Google AdWords and now they are reaping the benefits by driving tons of traffic to their site and having an increased presence online.Don’t get me wrong, having your Google ad for all to see is not free and Google does charge you a small fee for the privilege, if it didn’t, everyone would be up there and that poor right hand corner would be coming down with ads! However, if used wisely and with the right keywords in your ad, you are guaranteed to make your money back and severely increase your profits. In fact, Google AdWords is seen as one of the most powerful ways to take you from zero sales to hero sales in the shortest time and with the least effort.More importantly, you only have to pay Google when someone actually clicks on your ad, this is the fairest way to do business rather than paying Google a set amount and getting no traffic or sales anyway. In this way, it is a reliable and honest system. My advice is to find expert information about AdWords online, take a day to familiarise yourself with that knowledge and then your business is set for success.Now let’s get comfortable with Google AdSense. This is nothing like Google AdWords, surprisingly it operates the opposite way, that is, Google pay you! In simple terms, if you have a site or blog and want to earn extra cash, you place a Google ad on your site. This is not your product, it is theirs and you will give them free advertising and promotion by putting it out there. In return, you get money when someone clicks on it. This is a great tool for fast cash but is not a long term business plan. If you are just blogging for fun or have a small product site it is ideal but it’s not going to get you a second home in France right away! Google AdWords, on the other hand, is designed for those of you who are more serious about business and need a long term strategy to drive traffic and sales to your site. It is ultimately one of the quickest routes to success.